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Who We Are

BrookHeritage Holdings is a proprietary company, coordinating business interests in FINANCE, ENERGY, REAL ESTATE, and AGRICULTURE. We have a strong determination to succeed in all facets of our business endeavour. We aim to create opportunities and transform lives.

Our Business Interests



An integrated farm and food processing company with deep interest in Plantation (Food & Cash crops), Food Processing, Animal husbandry as well as Commodity trading.

Real Estate

F&M Acme

A full-fledged Construction, Facility Management and Real Estate Development company.


BrookHeritage Capital

A Venture Capital, Project Development, Public-Private Partnerships and Business Advisory company. 


Leadlake Global

A legal entity with a clear interest in Oil & Gas as well as Electricity investment value chain. Leadlake is determined to play along any business lines (Upstream, Downstream, Electricity Generation and Distribution).

Brand Fundamentals

Vision Statement

To set a standard that depicts excellence in all facets of our business endeavour

Mission Statement

To deliver quality customer service with a touch adding value to all stakeholders.

Core Values



“Talk Straight”


“Think Straight.”


“Service delivery as it has never been seen”



“Always responsive & responsible as a team”

Our Value Proposition

Develop each node of Agriculture/Real Estate/Finance/Energy value-chain in every business ecosystem we choose to play.

Ensure efficiency that guarantees a positive return from each level of value-chain.

Use efficient and modern technology from the point of production through processing and distribution of finished goods/services for consumption.

What We Are

A customer-focused organisation that go-all-out to achieve excellent service delivery via the production of quality products and services in all facets of our business.

Integrate all the above, in building a world-class and competitive HOLDING STRUCTURE that will outlive our generation.

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